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2020-2021 MOHSRA League Season Plan Guidelines as of 1/29/2021

CLICK HERE FOR 2021 MOHSRA State Coaches, Parents, and Players Guide 2/11/2021

The following was put together to help explain the approach to the 2020-2021 Missouri High School Racquetball Association (MOHSRA) League Season.  

  • At this time, the 2020-2021 MOHSRA League Season will begin at the usual time this Fall.  Varsity, JV1, and JV2 can apply to begin the week of November 2nd or the following week of November 9th.   JV3 and Middle School will begin on Saturday, October 31st.  

  • What follows below is an explanation of the guidelines and processes used to plan this season.   

  • The goal is to provide an abundance of information to Coaches, Parents, Players, and Schools to get a better sense of the MOHSRA approach to the League Season so that everyone can make the best decision for themselves regarding participation.   

  • The safety of our MOHSRA athletes will always be our top priority.  We must all work together to keep racquetball both SAFE and FUN for our players, coaches, and parents.  

The 2020-2021 MOHSRA League Season Plan will evolve based on a compilation of guidelines.  Our plan will change as guidelines change in and around our community.   The following resources will define the guidelines of our evolving league plan.   



  • MOHSRA League Enrollment

    • Online Team Entry Form

      • Please be sure to list Conflict Dates, Days, & Times so that the schedule will best suit your team’s needs/challenges.  

    • Online Individual Waiver

      • No player can compete in the 2020-2021 MOHSRA League Season without this waiver being submitted online

    • League Fees

      • Fees are listed online for the 2020-2021 MOHSRA League Season.  

Varsity, JV1, & JV2 League Match Guidelines

  • Schedule and match play will be based on county guidelines and formats for Youth Sports.

  • League Matches traditionally have been scheduled after school at 3:30 and 4pm.  In order to best accommodate all teams/players, the league season will have matches on Friday evenings and Saturdays, too

  • Players will be able to compete in both singles and doubles.

  • Players will be able to referee matches.  Players must wear a mask when refereeing a match. 


Player Guidelines

  • At this time there are a few protocols for players to follow…

    • Must wear a mask when entering and exiting the facility and in between activities (this includes refereeing). 

    • Must wear a mask when practicing or playing games in St. Louis County 

    • Show up on time for practices and matches using designated entrances and exits.   

    • Temp check and screening questions upon entry to the facility.  Must be under 100.4

    • Water fountains and community water jugs will not be utilized.  We encourage players to bring their own filled water bottle.

    • No shaking hands, just "click racquets" with your opponent after a game or match. 


Non-player Guidelines

  • At this time there are a few protocols for non-players to follow...

    • Coaching Guidelines 

      • Must wear masks when entering and exiting the facility and during League Matches and Practices.

      • Show up on time for practices and matches using designated entrances and exits.   

      • Temp check and screening questions upon entry to the facility.  Must be under 100.4

      • Coaches must manage team player social distancing 

      • Maximum of 2 coaches present per team per match.  For example, if a Varsity, JV1, and JV2 team are playing… 6 total coaches could be present for your school… 2 per team.  

      • Coaches must be predesignated in a list submitted to the league.   

      • There will be no spectators at this time.  Parents cannot define themselves as a coach (in order to be a spectator) if not predesignated by the team.  

      • Coaches can be both upstairs and downstairs before, after, and during matches in order to manage the league matches.  

    • Parent Guidelines

      • There will be no spectators at this time.  Parents may wait in their cars or in designated lounge areas for their kids.  

      • Must wear a mask when entering and exiting the facility and in the lounge area. 

      • Show up on time for practices and matches using designated entrances and exits.   

      • Temp check and screening questions upon entry to the facility.  Must be under 100.4

    • Spectator Guidelines​

      • There will be no spectators at this time.   UPDATE 1/29/21:  1 spectator per athlete will be permitted during State Competition.   CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.

        • We need to ensure that, with some new protocols in place for our league, we can have everyone operate within the guidelines comfortably.   Once we can demonstrate and sustain that, then we can begin to explore permitting spectators.  

        • St. Louis County guidelines take this into consideration, too, with the following...

          • "An athletic director, school, club, team, or sporting venue (fields, courts or other sport facility) is allowed to further limit the number of or prohibit Spectators if enforcing these restrictions is not practicable."

          • "For any event in which the capacity of the venue does not allow the full number of limited Spectators (2 per participant), the athletic leaders are responsible for identifying a reasonable accommodation in order to meet the capacity restrictions  and to provide parent communication in the event of an injury or emergency if parents are not present."   Parents can be in the building, but not as spectators in the court areas.  

JV3 & Middle School League Match Guidelines

  • In addition to the guidelines for Varsity, JV1, and JV2 League Matches, here are some guidelines specific to JV3 and Middle School League Matches. 

    • A maximum of 3 coaches per school per session can attend JV3 or Middle School League Matches.

    • Coaches will confirm the attendance of their roster, and the attending coaches (max 3), on the preceding Thursday (2 days prior to Saturday) to our JV3 & Middle School League Director Matt Gleason via email at

    • The League Director will create a schedule and assign courts to players on Friday (1 day prior to Saturday) and distribute it to the coaches electronically.   The schedule will also be posted around the club on Saturday.  

    • There will be no weekly meeting before the matches and no schedule created on-site.   

    • Upon arrival, players are to go directly to their assigned court after their temp check and screening questions upon entering the building.  

    • Coaches are expected to help get all matches started on time and directing players to leave upon their completion of games and refereeing.  

    • Approximately 4-6 players will be assigned to each court for round robin play.   All players must stay at their designated court.  

      • 2 Players will be playing​

      • 2 Players will be "on deck" for the next match, wearing masks, outside the courts, waiting in designated areas marked by green dots on the wall

      • 1 Player will be upstairs refereeing wearing a mask

      • Any extra player can be upstairs wearing a mask socially distant from the referee

MOHSRA League Tournaments

  • Tournaments might be subject to format alterations.   Dates are tentative.  Formats to be determined based on guideline compliance.    If tournaments are not permitted within county guidelines, alternative competition for each team will be scheduled

    • Top Seed - Friday, November 20

    • Winter Rollout - December 4-5 (may need to alter format) 

    • Doubles - January 22-23 (may need to alter format)

    • State - 

      • JV3 & Middle School - Saturday, February 13

      • Boys State - Saturday, February 20

      • Girls State - Sunday, February 21

Facility Guidelines

  • Become familiar with guidelines and procedures at Vetta Racquet Sports Concord and Vetta Racquet Sports West

Here are some additional details and a summary of processes being followed at Vetta Racquet Sports facilities 


Participants and Communication:

  • Everyone pays a league fee (includes USA Racquetball membership) to the Missouri High School Racquetball Association in order to be a MOHSRA participant.

  • All Vetta-wide protocols are posted in the facility and on our website. 

  • Participants are required to arrive just before their scheduled game time, so that they go straight to the courts and minimize off court time, in order to limit gathering prior to scheduled matches.

  • Participants are asked to leave after their game or refereeing assignment

  • Face coverings required before and after matches.


Physical/Cleaning of Premise:

  • All participants must check in at the front desk for attendance, and are screened with temperature checks and health questions.  

  • Designated entrances and exits for the building and game areas 

  • Benches were added and spaced to help social distancing.

  • Hallways have markings telling team members where to stand.

  • Built in time between league matches, so that spaces can be sanitized.

  • Partnered with EnviroMaster for weekly disinfecting, as well as providing us with all necessary disinfecting solutions. 

  • Northern Tool Disinfectant Cold Foggers will be used on doors/courts in between each team match for additional disinfecting.  



  • Rosters are kept of all participants and teams that include contact information, date of birth, and address.

  • Attendance is kept for every league match, so that we know who is present.


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