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All match cancellations due to weather will be posted on THIS PAGE.  

As always, if you feel it is unsafe to travel, please use your own judgement. 

If either school involved in a match has school cancelled due to in-climate weather, then the match is automatically canceled.  


For Monday, January 30th, all MOHSRA matches are being postponed due to school closures.   At this time, matches have not yet been rescheduled.  Please check with your coaches for new time/day.  

Varsity Boys & Girls:  Lindbergh vs. Parkway West

Varsity Girls:  Nerinx Hall vs. St. Joseph's

JV1 Girls:  Notre Dame vs. St. Joseph's

JV2 Girls:  Nerinx Hall-B vs. St. Joseph's

For Wednesday, January 25th, all MOHSRA matches are being rescheduled due to school closures.   Matches have been rescheduled for the following days/times....

Varsity Boys:  Kirkwood-B vs. Parkway West, Thursday, 2/16, 4pm @ Vetta West

JV2 Boys:  Kirkwood-C vs. Parkway West, Thursday, 2/16, 4pm @ Vetta West

JV1 Boys:  Vianney vs. Lindbergh, TBD (Coaches are setting up a time/date)

Varsity Girls:  Cor Jesu vs. Parkway West, Friday, 1/27, 5pm @ Vetta Concord

JV1 Girls:  Cor Jesu vs. St. Joseph's, Friday, 1/27, 5pm @ Vetta Concord





To receive the fastest information, utilize this information sheet that shows how parents, students, coaches/teachers/schools can easily subscribe to REMIND.  You will be notified by text or email in the event of a cancellation.  This is service will only be used for weather situations involving the MOHSRA League.  There are 3 ways to sign-up.  


  1. You can download the REMIND app & enter the class/league code @MOHSR

  2. Visit

  3. Join via text.  Text @MOHSR to (314) 485-4915




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