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As a function of our affiliation with USA Racquetball, all Head Coaches must have a background check and complete Safe Sport certification.   Information on this program can be found here



If an injury is sustained in a MOHSRA League Match, please complete and submit the USA RACQUETBALL INCIDENT REPORT FORM


*The USAR’s $4 million liability insurance benefit is contingent upon having all participants be current in their USAR membership license.

**If injury occurs at a sanctioned event, the competitive license holder can file a claim for what could be considered “catastrophic coverage.” The participant’s primary carrier must meet the deductible before the secondary coverage goes into effect. The injured party must be treated by a physician within 30 days of the injury and the claimant form must be field within 60 days of the accident.




We, as coaches, need to know the signs of a concussion.  Some of the teams in our league are affiliated with schools that provide concussion training for their coaches.  Not every team is managed by their school.  It's important for all of us to know the warning signs of a concussion.  For those programs that do not have a concussion training program provided by their school, here is a link to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention's Concussion Training Program

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